Challenges – JUst Do It

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 27

Again, I am going to write a short blog. Boring to some maybe, but one of the fantastic tools I have improved on for myself from the Master Key Experience is FOCUS. And I’m so grateful for that.

I used to get very distracted, but I can easily look at my situation now and do a quick appraisal, then quickly turn my focus on THE MAIN THING. And as my mentor and great friend Mark J says, “you gotta keep the main thing the main thing, coz it’s the main thing.

And long blogs are not my Main Thing just now – but working on my current “Challenge” to go on Facebook and promote / give away some free emotional therapy to some local Dads having child custody concerns is.

We gotta make a difference if we know we’re capable of it, don’t we?

Onwards and Upwards great people.

What, I Get Even MOre Personal Discovery?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 26 – COMMENCEMENT

Wow, what a journey – a real Heroes Journey!

Check out what these beautiful people think of The Master Key Experience and what it has done for them.

My second year has just finished and this time I had the pleasure of being a guide to some awesome people, not to mention my beautiful Master Guide Louise Kohl.

Thanks to our “tribe” Angelica, Lisa, Mel, Peaches, Hiram, Chris, John.

Click on their names to read their blog stories. So grateful to know and mastermind with all of you.

2 years now and I am still blown away by the absolute value the MKE offers – and on a Pay-It-Forward basis at that! I have done a lot of work on myself including many new positive habits and it works. The future is looking pretty good.

Onwards and Upwards

The Law of Least Effort – Why not make your life easier if you can?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 24

Another brilliant set of tools as part of the MKE is The Law of Least Effort from Depak Chopra – Grateful.

ACCEPTANCE: I practice Acceptance today. I accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur. I know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I don’t struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

RESPONSIBILITY: Having accepted things as they are, I take responsibility for my situation and all those things I see as problems (Note: I see problems as “Challenges” – another great MKE tool). I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation and this includes myself. I also know that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

DEFENCELESSNESS: Today my awareness remains established in defencelessness. I relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

Applying the Law of Least Effort means living each day with Acceptance, Responsibility & Defencelessness.

I read the Law of Least Effort every morning. This coupled with practicing no opinions and the 7 Laws of the Mind makes life so much easier.

Onwards & Upwards Great People.

I Knew There Was Something Else Out There

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 23

And I found the Key.

Once a student, now a full time member. The awesome Jen Dilks guides beautiful souls through their Master Key Experience.

Why Do Adults Stop Asking Questions?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 22a

Helping kids through the joy of music.

He knows he is a better teacher because of his Master Key Experience.

I’m lucky and grateful to Mastermind with this great guy on a weekly basis.

Just one example of the beautiful people we meet from the MKE.

Master Minding and Gratitude

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 21

In my previous stubborn pig-headed ways, I used to think I could do it all on my own. But I am grateful in my search for answers to have come across and now consistently practice the Mastermind principle from Napoleon Hill: 2 or more people working in perfect harmony towards a definite purpose.

MKE Masterminding with these beautiful people – Grateful

I wrote my Definite Purpose statement nearly 2 years ago. I read it 3 times a day and just as the studies of the MKE have taught me, I have gratefully attracted into my life some similar souls (who also have their own Purpose Statements) as we share, grow and achieve to gain what we really want from our lives.

I’m also extremely grateful to be a MKE guide and mastermind with these beautiful people each week as we share our challenges and triumphs and watch each other grow.

As Einstein said “All things are Miracles” and there are 11 of them right here in this picture.

Onwards & Upwards

We Are All One – What The ….?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 20

I had heard the saying “We are all one” a fair bit, especially since I have been doing the MKE & reading Charles Haanel, but I found it really hard to comprehend. How are we connected? What the ……?

I have a trade background, and I have built many, many things by physically “Connecting” materials together. So, I’m coming into this understanding that we are all one with my tradesman mindset along with ………..
My first challenge was that I was relating it to religion, but I am not religious so I found that difficult.

Secondly I was overthinking the whole thing, as I sometimes do.

My 3rd challenge is that I have had (and I’m working on it) a learning adversity for many years where it takes me awhile to understand things. I have tended to drift off on other thoughts, especially when it’s new and challenging info. As I said, I’m working on it.

In regards to my learning challenge, I am not concerned with it. As I said in my last blog, “Every adversity is an opportunity in disguise”. So, I soldier on simply because I am addicted to the Truth and growing more and more everyday whilst I am on this planet. I also know and recognise my strong sense of intuition and I’m grateful for that. Our subconscious works in mysterious ways and is taking in things when we are not consciously aware of it, so it’s all good.

So after much study and listening to Charles Haanel’s readings over and over and over, (this coupled with the rest of the MKE study), the way that I understand this whole “We are One Thing” is that 1. The Universal Mind is simply the Truth and when we communicate properly with each other and cut through the B.S. 2. We are connected by The Truth.

How I view it is simple but it works for me so that’s all that matters. I love everyone, because they ALL have the Truth within them.

Onwards and Upwards Great People

Challenges Or Opportunities In Disguise?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 19

If you had told me 2 years ago that Challenges are actually Opportunities in Disguise, I would have thought you were nuts. But wow, what a fantastic awareness tool this is. Thank you Og Mandino, thanks Charles Haanel and thanks to the MKE Team for putting a great course together.

Following on from last weeks post of being grateful for EVERYTHING that happens to us, accepting challenges when they arise, makes dealing with them and growing as an individual a hell of a lot easier. I simply recognise the challenge (be it health, emotional, mental, physical, personal, negative or whatever OR whoever), welcome it, accept it and let it process itself. Meanwhile I grow as an individual and all around me benefit as well.

The more and more the MKE gets into my blood, the more I’m addicted to it. And why wouldn’t I be? It’s simply the truth.

So bring on those challenges !! It’s all good.

Onwards and Upwards.

Grateful for consistently Practicing Gratitude

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 18

I had never thought of it much when I heard others say “practicing gratitude is a good thing”. I am so grateful that I have persisted to practice this simple habit.

I’m Grateful for MIRACLES

The MKE with the readings of Charles Haanel and Og Mandino have taught me to be grateful for absolutely EVERYTHING, past and present. So I have focused on doing just that. Even the challenges of any negative thoughts or people that I come across. And even slight ailments that pop up. Lucky my conscious and subconscious recognition of intuition also helps and as I recognise and utilise what the two former legends of literature say; “Every Challenge is an Opportunity in Disguise”.

I’m grateful for 2020. So, so many good things happened to me. Of course it helped that I have been extremely positive through all this. But it works. I felt like I was coming down with a cold a few months back, but when I link it to what was happening in my life at the time, I know (again) it was a form of stress and DIS-Ease. Of course it was. And just as it has been with ALL ailments and health challenges I’ve had in the past. But this was a good thing, I’m grateful for it. It taught me something; again.

I did a 5 day Fast this past week. It was the first time I have fasted. It was a challenge, but I’m so grateful I had two great guys to mastermind and do it with. AND I’m so grateful for coming out the other end with a newer and healthier mindset. I’ve always watched everything that I eat but now even more so.

All of this consistent practicing of gratitude, along with the other positive habits I’ve introduced into my life from the MKE have changed my life (and the people around me) and it’s only the beginning. It is only Onwards and Upwards from here. Where else would you want to go?

Peace all.

INTUITION – Thank YOu, I See You

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 17HJ

I used to consider myself a “dummy” when it comes to learning and understanding readings, literature etc. And there’s things I’d still like to improve on – I’m working on it. After all, what are we if we are not growing?

But I’m so grateful for the readings of Haanel and the lesson on INTUITION. Welcome it when you notice it” he says. Thank you, I do.

When it comes to reading and understanding things straight away, it sometimes takes me a few reads to take it all in. But thankfully we are all different learners and audios help me immensely. I’m not concerned that things don’t make sense straight away consciously, because I know the subconscious is taking it in anyway.

Because the answers to my questions just show up. And they show up more and more, now that I welcome my intuitive moments.

Love it