Master Key Experience – Week 6: Challenges

November 5th 2019

Hey Great People!

I had a difficult week last week.
I have been keeping up with the drill of my reads etc, but mentally I had a challenging week.
It seemed like the old blueprint wanted to kick back in.
And then I checked my emails in my spam folder and found a great email in regards to advancing my business so that was really welcomed and lifted me up.
Our recent studies of the law of compensation and the law of giving are just exciting for me to learn, understand and appreciate more to help me with one of my PPN’s of helping others.
One of my challenges is having a learning disability. I’m not a good reader. The videos and audios work better for me, but even then I have to watch and listen to them over and over and over until I get it. My eldest son has similar learning challenges. It’s all good though, I simply listen to it all when I’m driving in the car and also when I’m drifting off to sleep or wake up and I can’t sleep.
I simply want to “un-brainwash” myself, chip off that cement and I am really hungry for it all.
Sometimes I have visions of meeting Mark and Davene in Hawaii and just graciously thanking them, and I get emotional when I think of this. I look forward to that day.
Today I feel great. I just feel, more focused and confident so I’m rolling with that.
I even have my boys helping me look at shapes as we drive around. They chose their PPN’s last night.

Onwards and upwards

6 Comments on “Master Key Experience – Week 6: Challenges

  1. It’s a wonderful thing when you find inspiration just when you need it! Thank you for sharing your experiences this week, great idea to make shape-finding a family affair! 🙂


  2. Your boys picking their PPN’s is fantastic! Keep up the good work. It’s all good, you know.
    May the power of LOVE be with you! ♥

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