The Master Key Experience – year 2

October 5th 2020

Hey Great People!

Well here we go again beautiful people. It’s October and we’re into it, another year of the Master Key Experience, and how exciting it is. I am so honoured to be in it this year as a guide.
The past 12 months have been just fantastic and manifestation of my Definite Major Purpose has occurred in ways that I could not have imagined. As the experts such as Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel and Wallace Wattles say, you just focus on what you want and not what you don’t want and your purpose will manifest. It hasn’t happened over night, but it’s happening. Why would you not want to keep up with the habits when you see results?

My DMP is a statement that I wrote approximately 12 months ago and I have been reading it aloud at least twice a day, every day for the past year, along with a few other habits.

I asked for autonomy and I’ve got it. I asked and focused on helping others (as another one of my personal pivotal needs), and I got it.
And now I have the privileged of guiding others in their journey of manifesting what they want to achieve through their DMP. These are more beautiful people who simply want to take control of their lives.

The MKE is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the best thing I’ve ever done. It is a challenge, because generally many people are pretty negative.

I have met and collaborated with so many beautiful people on the same wavelength and the same mindset in the past year and now I get to do it again with more beautiful people. So cool. Here we go and it’s only the second week of the 6 month program.

Onwards and Upwards

3 Comments on “The Master Key Experience – year 2

  1. Darren, good for you for reading your DMP out loud twice per day every day for the past year From your blog rover friend.

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