My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 17

Hey all you beautiful people. I have a lot on at the moment, so am going to do another short but KIND blog. Here’s a video of some volunteering me and my lovely wife AND some beautiful KIND volunteers have been doing for nearly 2 years now. Enjoy 🙂

KINDNESS IS EVERYWHERE when you look for it – Onwards & Upwards

“Shelf Help” Books & Personal Discovery

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 16

Hey Awesome people. Another share of some fantastic successes. Enjoy.

Onwards & Upwards coz we’ve got the Master Key. Lucky aren’t we?

2020 – The Best Year of My Life: So Far

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 13

We are what we focus on and I decided wholeheartedly to focus on The Abundance of Positives that happened this past year. And I am so grateful for all of them.

I was made redundant in March and I’m extremely grateful because it allowed me to concentrate on what I want to do, not something that society or somebody else thinks I should do. 

I hardly watched TV all year and I even stopped listening to the radio. I simply wanted to cut as much negativity and drama out of my life so I could focus on building a more positivity bias within myself for my own personal growth and to help achieve my purpose in life. And it’s working.

The home schooling was great in 2020. I gained so much more valued time with my family. Now my boys ask me nearly every day “what are we gonna do for you and me time today dad?” I try my best to keep it up (with Cats in the Cradle singing in the back of my mind) :–)

I continue my daily routine including yoga twice a day and now I find myself getting rid of my inversion table that I used to use for my sore back. I’ve also been reading the confidence builder 2 to 3 times a day to myself. I happened to look in the mirror the other day and thought my posture was actually better and coincidentally (or not) somebody complimented me on my posture soon after. I’m not only standing taller because of the yoga, but the more confidence I have as well. Of course I am, it makes sense.

Other virtues and habits I also improved on this past year is more acceptance, forgiveness, responsibility, defencelessness and having no opinion.

I have also created brilliant value adding habits into my daily routine including not looking at my phone for the first hour and a half in the morning and the last hour in the evening, instead I replace this time with positive readings, meditation and affirmations that sink into my subconscious mind in theta state. It works. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Shit in, shit out. What do you want?

Day by day, step by step, one bite of the elephant at a time, I persist and I succeed.

To top it all off, I’m linked with some of the most beautiful people around the world to share this journey with.

Thank you to our Global Heroes Marco Polo group and to all other beautiful people in the Master Key Experience. What a journey. I cannot go without being grateful for my beautiful supporting family as well.

All of the above is what happened to me “internally” mainly, but when you look around there is also an abundance of positive things that happened on the outside. Mother nature for one, really appreciated us not polluting her as much this past year. We witnessed that. This past year has been an eye opener and through many diversities, great things happen. It just depends on what you want to focus on.

2021, Bring it On!

Onwards and Upwards people 🙂

Helping Others by Sharing Stories

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 12

I’m going to be a lazy blogger this week (and last week) I’m going to simply share a couple of MKEer’s stories. Thanks Charlotte and Keith. You are helping others by telling your story.

Peace all.

Onwards and Upwards –

It only happens once a year. Get on the list here

Persistence Pays Off

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 10

Many times it has seemed like nothing is happening while I’ve been doing my daily habits, but looking back it sure is working. And I’m grateful.

It’s a new day, a new month, a new season and a new Og Mandino read – I persist until I Succeed.

Why would I want to stop? I have come a long way. There’s always the “comfort zone”, but nothing happens there. As a beautiful friend of mine said to me, “What is life if we’re not growing?” – Thanks Pamelouch.

There has been so many challenges along the way – Unsupportive friends and family, negative thoughts that keep popping in my head, a feeling like I am so alone in my journey and a challenging 2020. But I have a choice. Do I follow the majority and live a life of quiet desperation or do I keep following my inner hearts desire and that goose bump feeling that is the greatness within me, the greatness I have to give and the greatness that is still to come?

Throughout my MKE journey, there has been many times where I just know I have something great to offer the world (everyone does) and it is a feeling that is sometimes hard to explain. But it is a Burning Desire, and I’m addicted to it.

I’m also so grateful for the beautiful fellow MKE’ers who are travelling the same road.

I Persist Until I Succeed.

Onwards & Upwards

Sweet, Sweet Love – It Will Last, It Will Last

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 9

I have finally come to realise how important it is to love myself.

For years I was unable to feel love for myself, let alone being able to look in the mirror and tell myself “I love you Darren Davis” – But now I can. And it’s AWESOME.

I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I have been reading Scroll 2 of Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” 2 to 3 times a day, every day since the start of November. And this is my second year of doing it. Introducing this habit along with reading the 7 Laws of the Mind, The Law of Giving & Receiving, The Laws of Least Effort, Practicing having No Opinions and a constant awareness of having a Positive Mental Attitude as best I can, is all well and truly paying off. We are our thoughts. We are our habits.

We just gotta do the work, and it’s there for us – A better life. A better me. A better you.

There’s more to it, but I’ll leave you with this beautiful song from Russell Morris that was released in 1971 in Australia.

Sweet, Sweet Love. It will last.

Thanks to all the beautiful team from the MKE who have put this together so well. I love you, I love everyone else and best of all I love myself.

I greet this day with love in my heart and I succeed.

TINY Steps Every DAy, Lead to Big Change For the Future You

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 8

We want it NOW, but it just doesn’t happen that way. But then what if we do nothing?

It has been a ongoing practice and a challenge to stick to all the habits from the MKE into my life over the past year or more. I have a family, a business and other things to do, but I am so grateful that I’ve done the work. I am seeing many little positive changes. And it’s only the beginning. So cool.

I am so more accepting of all people and situations now than when I started this. I know the 7 Laws of the Mind have had a massive effect. I read these to myself everyday. It’s not just a matter of reading them though, you gotta practice them. But they work.

No. 1: Forgive everyone for everything, including yourself. This is so powerful. The list goes on 2. A positive mental attitude 3. Meditation/relaxed state of mind 4. Persistent Practice 5. Knowing the Subconscious works for you 24/7 on your goals 6. The ability to attach any feeling to a thought we want and last but not least 7. The Law of Growth – Whatever we think about grows, whatever we forget about atrophies without exception.

They work, when you use them. Simple as that.

We were taught about the linking and connecting of all the other habits also and I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it comes. And when you get that part, it seems to all come together so naturally.

There is a saying “The Truth Shall Set You Free” – That really is on the money, and I’m so grateful to be connected to it, knowing it’s only going to get better and better.

I’m addicted to these positive habits, why would I not want to be? I care for my future self and all around me.

Onwards and Upwards

Just How Positive Are You, Really?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 7

I used to think I was pretty positive until I looked into it further.

It is interesting what you find out, when you search and keep asking questions in the pursuit of knowledge.

I have always tried to look at the positive side of things even while going through a lot of negative and challenging situations in my life, but then in November 2019 I practised the 7 Day Mental Diet and didn’t realise how negative I actually was.

Anyway that’s OK, because it turns out it’s not my fault. And if you find yourself being negative sometimes, it’s not your fault either.

So, when you put this together with total forgiveness (of everyone, for everything and that includes yourself) and practice the ability to be the observer of all situations without judging, it makes life a hell of a lot easier.

I remember doing the seven day mental diet for the first time last year, where we have to be an observer of our thoughts and feelings and whenever we come up with a negative thought or feeling, we have to start all over again until we can do it seven days in a row without a negative thought. We do it again this week – Bring It On!

It can be pretty challenging when we’re negative by nature. We have a predisposition to react negatively (in a protective way) that goes back thousands and thousands of years, so it is not our fault.

But what a brilliant practise it is. And when you throw in having no opinions also, it is so calming.

And when we remember that when thoughts that fire together, wire together and we do a bit of hard mental labour practicing these habits over and over again, we can actually set ourselves up by creating a positive mental bias instead.

Is that awesome or what?

Is Your Opinion Really That Important?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 6

The week just gone was an intense practice of giving no opinions, even to myself.

Have you ever tried this? It can be a challenge. I remember adopting the ability of putting my ego aside years ago by teaching myself to “Say a lot, by Saying Nothing.”

I really welcome this intense practice, of simply observing and listening and giving no opinions. Don’t know if you’ve tried it, but when I do it, it makes me feel so much more connected to my true self when I shut my mouth. Because when you just listen without judging, you actually notice that what people are saying is often not real fact at all, but just their opinion. Being a Non-judgmental observer works for me.

It is funny, at the same I was noticing and feeling a lot of controlling mannerisms from 2 of my closest loved ones. I could have got upset, but I just observed it all and felt that (even though I have some controlling traits sometimes), I was not controlling anyone by not having an opinion. Or was I?

As I look back at this past week now, I know I actually was being controlling – and that being my practice of not having an opinion. I’m ok with that though, that’s a good control.

Have you tried it? Just listen and be a Non-judgmental Observer – It’s Awesome!

Success is Service.

Habits – What’s Your Addiction?

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 5

Apart from the Drugs, Alcohol, TV, and too much Computer time in my past, I also used to do way too much Negative Thinking, Judging of People and Being too Opinionated. Little did I know THEN how much it was continuing to attract negativity into my life. I was simply being a sheep and following my outside world.

In September 2019 I was introduced to some new habits of which I have been practicing daily and these have had a profound effect on my life to date. One of these habits (there’s others) was reading Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in The World. The first scroll that I read for 1 month every day, x 3 times per day, is all about Habits. It wasn’t that hard as it’s only a few pages of a small book. Looking back now I can see how I am addicted to these new habits because of the positive effect they have had on me. As much as we want things to happen straight away, it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Persistent Practice pays off. Why would I want to stop?

Sometimes it was annoying to go out of my way and do these habits, but I soldiered on.

And, 13 months later, I’m more loving, positive, calmer, accepting and focused. The better focus I have gained leads me to making this a short post this week, as I have other priorities I must DO NOW!

So, what habits do you have that you’d like to change? All it takes is one step at a time. And it works when you do the work. What would you like more of in your life?

Good Habits are the key to all Success.

Success is Service.