Master Key Experience – Week 18: Strength Through Loss

January 29th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

Well, it’s been a bit of an emotional week due to the fact that I lost one of my best mates’ this past week. His funeral is today. BUT, I feel fine and I put it down to the MKE helping me get through it. It really is fantastic and I’m so grateful for that. I’m sure that I’m sending out the vibes and I’m helping my friends get through this tough time too also.

I also had an emotional roller coaster ride with my business. I had 2 significant business partners fall through, one who could have helped mentor me and one I could have helped mentor. But, I do not feel, the one who would have helped me was in the flow of giving and receiving, at all. He was all about the money. Additionally, as Og Mandino says in “The Greatest Salesman in The World” Scroll IV, “All my problems, discouragements and heartaches are in truth great opportunities in disguise”.

I continue with my journey of being in the flow of giving and receiving AND being in service to others – and I feel at peace with that.

Onwards and Upwards.

Master Key Experience – Week 17: Change Is Good

January 21st 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

Subtly but noticeably, things are happening.

My confidence is gaining and my connection to my future is so much better due to the clarity of my vision improving day by day. What a brilliant concept and a comfort it is to know, we can achieve in life, by Being In Service to others. Why would you not want to expand on this, once you see it and feel it?

Napoleon Hill’s formula to success tells us we need 1. A Definite Major Purpose (backed by a burning desire) 2. A Positive Mental Attitude 3. A Written Plan of Action (expressed continuously) 4. And a Master Mind Alliance. I have been missing the MMA part of the formula for some time now. I have had a few people over the past 7 months or so masterminding with me on Helping Others (one of my 2 Personal Pivotal Needs), but my vision of my personal big picture and someone else seeing it even close to the way I do, has been the missing link for some time. Well, I’m glad to say that I now have a great new friend who sees my vision clearer than most. He is also in his early 50’s and had a gut full of his current job. He knows he has to change things and he loves helping others also. I am so grateful to Nigel, for us being able to help each other and mastermind regularly on both our visions.

Helping Others, as the major part of my big vision, is well and truly established as my darling wife, myself and many Go-giving volunteers have been preparing and cooking in our home for approx. 7 months now, over 200 meals a month for the homeless and underprivileged.

This is only the very start of my vision to help others.

Onwards and Upwards

Master Key Experience – Week 16: Something’s Brewing!

January 15th 2020

Hey Great People – Something’s Brewing!

We are our habits and what a fantastic thing to have new positive habits take over my old ones. With all these new (and now addictive) habits I have been doing on a daily basis 2 hours a day, nothing jumps out at me as big changes, but something is brewing inside of me, that’s for sure – My Definite Major Purpose. Good things and good people are being attracted into my life and although some of my ideas may seem crazy to others, they feel right to me. Sorry, but I’m actually not going to state any of these crazy (business) ideas here YET, as I am more one to “just do it” and have it come to fruition via quiet achievement.

As for my procrastination, even though I’ve been annoyed with myself many times, I can see that it has actually favoured me in my mindset towards creating something great. I have definitely been guilty of “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good” and not adhering to the saying “knowledge doesn’t apply itself”, (in regards to making business calls) but as for working on myself and building and perfecting my vision of my future self and future ideal; well as I said, “Something’s Brewing”.

I’m still yet to seek some good Mastermind partners where I live, but the people who I want to work with are being attracted into my life, it’s great!!

It’s also an amazing acceptance and realisation that we can achieve so much in life by being in service to others. What an absolutely brilliant concept as opposed to what society has taught us that we expect something back after we do something for somebody. You know that “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Ha! I’d rather be a go-giver any day.

I also have considered myself a slower learner, as I’m easily distracted and have found it hard to focus. BUT, as we well know now, I can change those habits for positive learning habits with practice, practice, practice. But I’m also a lot faster learner than anyone who is NOT doing the Master Key Experience – respectfully. Additionally, through past study of the mind and emotional therapy, I’m always put at comfort to know the subconscious mind is taking in more than the conscious mind thinks it does anyway.

This week focusing on kindness just tops it all off.

Master Key Experience – Week 15: Practice Promotes Perfection

January 10th 2020

Hey Great People!

As part of this great course, we have a “Blue Print Builder” script we read to ourselves daily to assist in following our bliss and purpose. The other readings of Og Mandino and Charles Haanel have helped greatly also. I’ve been pretty diligent on this part of “the drill”, so much so that I have memorised the BPB now and say it to myself 3 times a day, driving in the car etc, and other times that suit. It is designed to “chip off the cement” of the conditioned habits and thoughts that we are lead to believe is the way to go through life and that society wants from us. The biggest challenge of this has been over xmas due to so many distractions, but I feel it is this habit and reading that has really helped me soldier on, as I have definitely felt the old blueprint wanting to come back in. That aint happenin’ – As mentioned in the course, once you recognise your purpose in life, there’s no turning back. We are born to shine. And once you recognise you can achieve in life by being in service to others through our own individual gifts of what we have to offer – it is so satisfying. Why would you not want to travel this path?

I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life and therefore I demand of myself persistent continuous action towards its attainment. There’s been some bumps in the road, but I persist until I succeed.


Master Key Experience – Week 14: The 4 Steps to Success

3rd January 2020

Hey Great People!

As per our homework for the Master Key Experience this week, I watched “October Sky” with my 2 boys last night. And I had to keep an eye out for the 4 Steps to Success (From Napoleon Hill: for anything you want to achieve in life). – DMP + PMA + WPOA + MMA = SUCCESS

Definite Major Purpose (backed by a burning desire) + Positive Mental Attitude + Written Plan of Action (expressed continually) + Mastermind Mind Alliance = SUCCESS.

So, based on a true story, Homer followed his dream of making and successfully launching a rocket (his DMP) as opposed to working in the local coal mine like his father wanted him to. It didn’t matter what the rest of his school mates, brother or the rest of the town thought and said of him, he kept his focus, attitude and burning desire (PMA), determined to make it work. So along with some good friends and an initial outside source (new geeky friend) (MMA), they tried and failed again and again until they succeeded.

They had a major hiccup along the way causing Homer to not follow his dream for some time, but eventually he came back to his burning desire (DMP) and with the help of his father, his teacher, the principle and his friends (MMA), he successfully won an award for his rocket launch. Later in life he went on to work for NASA.

Onwards and Upwards 🙂

Master Key Experience – Week 13: Staying Focused

December 28th 2019

Hey Great People!

Well, keeping up with “the drill” and habits daily was a challenge during our holiday away, but I still did daily things to help avoid the old blueprint wanting to step back in. I drove approx. 2,500 kilometres in the past 2 weeks. My family were all on their “gadgets” looking at youtube or whatever, but I had my earphones in listening to audios for hours on end of the Master Key, Science of being rich, Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill to name but a few. I’ve been doing this for 6 months or more now – a lot of study, but too much inaction; which brings me back to the quote “Knowledge doesn’t apply itself.

My biggest challenge is not having a Mastermind Alliance with any business partners. I need to get off my ass big time. I have been putting together a business concept which I feel in me heart is beautiful because it’s all about helping others achieve with heaps of giving, it just feels so right. Some of it sounds crazy maybe to others, some have asked me “Why would you want to do that”? “Why do you feed the homeless? Why do you want to help people in other ways?” – It’s funny when you think about it, I feel like “a nut” (as per video that Mark has played in Go90Grow where a guy starts dancing at a music festival on his own until someone joins him and then more and more join) – that’s me – lol. But, I can only think that these questions relate to the “expectation of getting something back from doing something in the first place” (as we are so conditioned to believe is the way it is supposed to be) as opposed to Helping Others without the expectation of reciprocity.

Mark J, Davene, Derek, Laurie, Lucinda, Dayna, Pops, GG, Jimmy Jayes and Bob Burg have been such a massive influence on me, I am so grateful. The giving and value that they put out is overwhelming. I too had the expectation of receiving before I found Mark J, but this beautiful attitude/way has (naturally and subconsciously it seems) had a profound effect on me in how I want to achieve by helping others.


Now, onwards and upwards with my new habits 🙂

Master Key Experience – Week 12: Keep Going

December 21st 2019

Hey Great People!

A challenging week to be keeping up with “The Drill” as we are on holidays at the moment. Nevertheless I am doing what I can and not letting the old blueprint step in to take over.

Nothing major stands out as major changes but feeling good and moving forward.

😎❤ Peace everyone ✌

Master Key Experience – Week 11: The Importance Of a Mastermind

December 10th 2019

Hey Great People!

I felt I was slipping this week and wasn’t happy with my focus. Its such a great thing to have our guides who have experienced this before to go to and I thank JJ for listening to me and reaffirming me that I was actually doing some good stuff. As Napoleon Hill says in the formula for success, “nobody makes it without a mastermind partner”.

I’m not the best of readers as I don’t absorb it very well but I am a great lover of music and I have put my words of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) to a song that really connects with me and I play that often when I am on my treadmill in the morning as I am doing my routine.

I’ve promised to myself I’m going to give my subbie a bit of a break (just a bit) over this Christmas period as it is a hectic time and I’m going to get stuck right back into my drill and push myself more with new promises that I aim to keep after our holiday.

I promise to manifest autonomy and helping others I always keep my promises Darren Davis.

Peace everyone 😎

Master Key Experience – Week 10: Keep Smiling

December 4th 2019

Hey Great People!

I don’t really know what to write this week. it’s been a busy year, we are ready for a holiday.

Everything’s going good. I have 2 mastermind groups which is great considering I had nothing for months and months, but now including Paul in the UK which is fantastic.

Nothing jumps out at me as big changes but I have been doing the drill regularly pretty religiously and I’m feeling good about it all.

Peace to all.😎

Master Key Experience – Week 9: Grateful

November 26th 2020

Hey Great People

Feeling pretty tired this week. Think it’s the xmas time stress thing and I have also been pushing myself. My wife and I cook up for the homeless, anywhere between 70 to 120 meals on a fortnightly basis on top of our regular work and family stuff. It’s a bit demanding but we love it. Not only do we help others in need, but we meet some great volunteers from all over the world who help us as we open up our home to strangers who help us cook food. We are so grateful for meeting these beautiful people and have made some great friends.

I’ve been pretty good at “the drill” but not as good as I’d like to be on my focus, something I need to work on – all good, more challenges to beat.

We are really looking forward to a break at xmas and I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on the love and peace to all of you here and now.

Our home has always been happy, but it is only getting better and better as I do the Master Key. The relationship between my wife and I is fantastic. Why would I not want to recommend this to anyone else.

The giving and overcompensating that Mark, Davene and the crew all give has really rubbed off on me and my implementation into what I want to do to help others. I love it.

Great things ahead beautiful people.