Master Key Experience – Week 5: Love

October 29th 2019

Hey Great People!

My wife is noticing the changes in me. She’s supporting me and my new habits. We already have a good relationship, but it is only getting better since I’ve been working on myself. We’ve been married for 12 years and she has started making my lunch again and yesterday put a little love note on it – nice.

I’m finding I have more time in the mornings after I do my sit and reads and I find when I do the reads in front of the mirror (with enthusiasm of course), it has more impact. Noticing subtle little changes of being more focused.

Love it

4 Comments on “Master Key Experience – Week 5: Love

  1. Love notes after 12 years ~ SUPER SWEET!!! If that doesn’t give you a boost dont know what will 🙂 you got this. Yay Mrs Darren Yay!


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