Master Key Experience – Week 7: Addiction

November 12th 2019

Hey Great People!

What an addictive journey the Master Key Experience is. Although there is a lot of “homework” and “hard mental labour”, I can’t get enough of it.

There have been a few “spiritual” moments” that have jumped out at me (I haven’t really seen myself as spiritual in the past), but mostly I feel subtle calmness and my focus increasing. I love the combination of all the different methods for us to learn and improve. I’ve also found myself naturally asking people questions instead of stating my opinion, even to my boys. They answer their own question or opinion with their answer to my question, It works a treat. It reminds me of the Indirect Suggestion techniques from Milton Erickson.

Great to see my mum improving as we both got through this course together. My love life continues to improve also. Short blog this week, lots of work to do 🙂


8 Comments on “Master Key Experience – Week 7: Addiction

  1. That’s great that you’re noticing so many positive things this week–calmness, focus, and helping others by asking questions! Thank you for sharing those experiences! 🙂

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  2. It is very addictive, and I’m so grateful for thatt! Great to hear how you ask the questions, you and your boys. How awesome that your mum is taking this course as well! I noticed her sweet comment above ♥
    Keep up the good work! ♥

    PS: I love Milton Erickson.

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  3. I agree. the hard mental labor is worth it. It’s marvelous what we’re learning here. And either way, there is hard mental labor, but now we get to decide which kind of hard mental labor we want to perform. Beautiful, creative thoughts, or thoughts of worry, anxiety and fear. Glad you’ve chosen the better way.


  4. Thanks for your share. I love that you are doing this with your mom! I can imagine that it’s quite a thrill to have an accountability partner that is a family member ; to see your lives change together must be special ! You are a very lucky and fortunate person and I wish you both success

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  5. “…..a few “spiritual” moments that have jumped out at me (I haven’t really seen myself as spiritual in the past)..” ..
    reading your blog reminded me of a few of Milton Erikson’s quotes.“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.” …
    “It is really amazing what people can do…”
    It must be such a special experience going through this with your Mum and having your boys involved too !

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